Join me to take a child off the street today.



Dr. Segun Fatumo is the Executive Director of Boas Foundation. He is an inspirational speaker, teacher and mentor. He envisions a world where every African child is out of the street and their parents live a healthy life.  Dr. Fatumo was born in sickness and grew up on the streets hawking all manners of things in Lagos believes that NO CHILD deserves to be on the street hawking because street hawking is both demoralising and dehumanising. BOAS Foundation is dedicated to making worldwide impact with a special call to restoring the dignity of every child. His vision is to transform African street children into great scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and world changers. 

Dr. Segun Fatumo is currently a research scientist at the University of Cambridge and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute UK where he is working on a novel genetic approach called "Genome-wide Association" (GWA) study. He earned a B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD in Computer Science and now specialises in Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics. He also earned a postgraduate qualifications in Applied Bioinformatics from University of Cologne in Germany and Public Health from University of Liverpool in the UK.

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Our Vision & Mission

A world where every child is out of the street and their parents live a healthy life.  

* To end child’s street hawking in Africa by raising awareness and providing financial support to access basic education.

* To raise health awareness by helping Africa men & women make healthy choices and live healthy lifestyles

    Why Boas Foundation

Established in November 2017, Boas Foundation is dedicated to empowering vulnerable people through financial support, education, training and awareness. We work with volunteers and partners to eradicate child street hawking, provide financial supports to access education and raise health awareness of their families.

Globally there are 168 million children involved in child labour. Of these, about 60 million are from sub-Saharan Africa. Child Street hawking is one of the main forms of child labour in Africa. Child street hawking is common sight in Lagos (Nigeria), Accra (Ghana), Kigali (Rwanda), Lilongwe (Malawi), Kampala (Uganda), Kitwe (Zambia), Harare (Zimbabwe), etc.


Due to recent worsening economic situation in African countries, street hawking has been on the rise. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates that in Nigeria alone about 14 million children between the ages of five and 14 are involved in a form of economic activity. Boas Foundation is well positioned to eradicate Child Street hawking in Africa starting from Nigeria where the menace is the highest.


Poverty is the one and only main cause of street hawking. Poverty and poor health are inextricably linked. Very poor and vulnerable people may have to make harsh choices such as putting their health at risk because they cannot see their children go hungry. The biggest non-communicable killers are deaths related to poor nutrition, cardiovascular disease and non-communicable respiratory diseases. Sub-Saharan Africa is the only place in the world that shows little sign of progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. Health conditions here lag behind all other regions and life expectancy is thirty years less than the UK. Boas Foundation is well positioned to raise health awareness by helping African men & women make healthy choices and live healthy lifestyles.